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Bob Leonard & Associates in Stockton, CA, specializes in commercial and residential remodeling, fire damage and casualty repairs, ADA modifications, tenant improvements, design build, and public works projects. We build new buildings, expansions, conversions, and remodels.

As a General Contractor, we offer a distinct advantage as a construction manager. Because we deal with both the design and construction end of projects, we are able to apply both cost and quality controls. And because we work on the front lines of the construction, we can make recommendations to the owner on any facet of the project.

We can work from your completed set of drawings and specifications or we can provide design-build services, providing design along with construction.

Since we are a full service construction company and are able to provide soil testing, engineering, design, and construction services, we are able to prevent cost overruns from occurring due to decisions made while still in the design phase.

We are able to direct the design to better fit into your budget parameters.

We use the highest quality construction techniques and utilize a quality control program to ensure that the work is done right the first time. We also recognize that superior custom and remodel projects are highly dependent upon the skills and abilities of the craftsmen who work on them.

That’s why we work with only the finest custom craftsmen, many of whom we have worked with for 15 to 20 years.

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